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Helping to Write the Standard for Software License Transfer on Blockchain

Quorum Control, together with a consortium of experts including Dr. Thomas Mohr (Univ. of Applied Management), Dr. Christian Reuss (Former CIO, SoftwareONE & ZHAW School of Management and Law), Sobhi Mahmoud (DIN eV), Attny. Soeren Reimers (ProLicense), and lead by Frank Bartels and Daud Zulfacar (license.rocks), will publish the German Standard for Software License on the Blockchain. The project, in accordance with DIN guidelines, aims to define terminology and processes to facilitate revision-proof trading and management of software licenses.

Since 2013, the trade and exchange of used software licenses has been permissible under EU law (ECJ, 03.07.2017.Az. C-128/11 & BGH, 17.07.2013. I ZR 129/08). Despite dealing in digital software however, the industry, which represents around €300 billion in revenue per year, is still entirely managed by non-digital infrastructure. Without global standardization, organizations don’t have guidelines for implementing scalable, secure processes. Soeren Reimers, Managing Director of ProLicense GmbH has said of the project, “The new DIN SPEC will revolutionize used software trading [making it possible] to simply and safely trade software”.

For its part, Quorum Control will write the technical requirements for software license transfer on the blockchain. Topper Bowers, CEO of Quorum Control and original architect of the Tupelo Distributed Ledger Platform has said of the opportunity, “I’m both personally and professionally excited to work with such thoughtful and knowledgeable people to build a standard to address the myriad of issues plaguing software licensing. It’s rare that such a clear need for a standard exists. I really look forward to the day when buying, selling, and using software is a simple transaction for all parties.

Leading the project is license.rocks, a Berlin-based blockchain organization working to tokenise the global software licensing market. Daud Zulfacar, co-founder of license.rocks, in discussing the launch and partnership has said “The kick-off has happened and the publication of the DIN SPEC will take place this year.” He added,  “We always look for the right people, mindsets and then the solution, Quorum Control brings all of that to the table.''

Application of standards are mandatory for contracts, laws, and regulations. Organizations who need to implement standards for the transfer of software licenses on blockchain can access the published document here once it is available.