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Our Story

The story of Tupelo and Quorum Control starts simply. I was trying to build a project using available public chains and I couldn’t do it in a way that would scale for the business. Lots of researching, coding, and team-building later: we’ve built a distributed ledger tech (DLT) system that works for real-world projects.

In mid 2016, I founded a company which was going to disrupt the infosec industry with a new take on access control and identity management. I had just moved to Berlin, from New York, and I decided to bootstrap the company.

I really wanted to use public blockchains in order to anchor internal trust to an external system. I tried Ethereum and Bitcoin, but I just couldn’t get the economics to work. I also explored a variety of alternative chains, but there was always something holding back actual use. I decided to give up on using a third party system and instead use some additional tech (Merkle trees, blockchains, multi-sig) inside the product...but I never stopped thinking about how great it would be if the chains were actually usable for the business.

Then, in December 2017,  it came to me. After months of closely pondering the core business issue, I figured out how to simplify a public DLT system. It would allow for data privacy and a faster, simpler consensus algorithm. It was an idea that would allow real-world projects like mine to actually succeed on a public system.

I put my ideas into a working whitepaper, and then, like any good developer, I set out to prove my idea wrong, asking several people I respect in various distributed systems fields (both academic and professional) to review it.

Shortly after I started working on the problem, my wife and I had our son, Lyle. I took a month off of actually developing anything in order to focus on my family. The time was rewarding in so many ways. In addition to figuring out the whole “new dad” thing, I also spent a lot of the time consuming everything I could about the tech. (I even read whitepaper after whitepaper to Lyle… I like to think he’s starting life with at least an associates degree in consensus algorithms.)

Lyle is REALLY into the Tupelo Platform.
Lyle is REALLY into the Tupelo Platform.

By March, I was convinced that this idea needed to be out in the world.

In order to succeed I would need a team with the right knowledge and experience from a variety of specialities. I knew exactly who I wanted by my side and immediately started making my pitch to the group that would eventually become the founding team.

I’m so proud of the team we’ve built. Bringing together people with years of experience across deep tech, marketing, community building, product, and financial markets who also share tremendous respect and trust for one another is every Founder’s dream.    

From April through June, we refined the idea, built a pitch deck, and hit the ground running on funding.  

We were so fortunate to get support, guidance and true partnership from an incredible group of investors, led by Alexis Ohanian and Garry Tan-founded Initialized Capital and that also includes Silicon Valley’s Hack VC, Boost VC (we were lucky #100),  as well as NYC’s IA Ventures.

With the right team in place, a solid plan of execution, and meaningful investment, September and October were exciting months of building. After all the long nights and (really) early mornings, we’re pleased to announce that the testnet is ready to use and we can’t wait to see what people build on top of our platform.

It’s been a super fun and inspiring run with some amazing partners so far and we’re only getting started. I’ve never been so confident of success in my life. With this team and the partnerships we’ve secured, I know we’re building something important.

-Topper Bowers, Founder & CEO