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Quorum Control Joins the Blockchain Game Alliance

Quorum Control has joined forces with a coalition of Games Industry heavyweights, including representatives from Ubisoft, to progress DLT adoption in the game’s community.

The Blockchain Game Alliance, comprised of builders, executives, analysts, and academics will work together to advocate for blockchain tech, as well as define technical standards, within the traditional gaming space.

Stephanie Mello, CMO of Quorum Control and games industry veteran has said of the project, “We’re so honored to have a seat at this table. We believe so strongly in this technology and what it can do for so many industries, gaming especially. To be able to exchange ideas, talk shop, and develop real, meaningful strategies, alongside this select group, is an exciting venture”.

The Alliance has already hit the ground running with the  launch of its first technical working group  focused on  Blockchain Asset Metadata Standardization with a proposal named Blockchain Bean Assets (BBA). You can read the full proposal for the BBA here.

Membership to the BGA is open to all industry-relevant individuals and organizations subject to review and approval. Those interested in beginning the application process can visit the BGA directly.  

The Blockchain Game Alliance (BGA) is a coalition of game and blockchain companies committed to advocating for blockchain technology within the game industry.

Quorum Control is a VC-backed Berlin-based technology company building the future of digital ownership. Founded in 2015 as an infosec platform, Quorum Control pivoted in 2018 to focus on industry-agnostic distributed ledger projects beginning with Tupelo, a permissionless proof-of-stake DLT platform purpose-built to model individual objects.

For Quorum Control press inquiries please contact

Stephanie Mello at stephanie@quorumcontrol.com

For more information or to build on the Tupelo platform please visit https://www.quorumcontrol.com/build.